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The Train Downtown

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He never went down on me. I didn’t mind his use of porn or casual affairs but when I returned home to find him in between her legs, I knew I didn’t deserve that treatment. I was 51 and I was not spending another day with a man who wouldn’t bother to eat me out. My pussy deserved better.

As I began to plot my escape, something funny happened to me. My body began to wake up. I began to spend more time on my appearance. I vamped myself up. I choose formfitting clothing. I was back.

I began to notice the eyes following me on the subway as I crossed and uncrossed my legs. I noticed the men looking at me. I noticed myself looking at them through the lens of a woman looking to finally be gratified. Continue reading this story »

Paying The Rent

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I’m a good tenant. I always pay my rent on time. I’m not too loud. Sometimes I’ll play music or sing the shower but I don’t make nearly as much racket as she does.  The thing is, Barbara blasts music until the wee-hours of the morning.

I have no idea why. I’m not sure if she parties every night or anything.  Barbara gets away with it for one simple reason. She’s the landlady.

I’ve never confronted her, partially because I don’t want trouble and partly because Barbara is really fit.  She’s curvy the way I like, with big tits, big hips and a big arse. It’s the kind of arse you can grab while she fucks you. If you were to spank it, it would make a nice sound and shake up and down.  Big, fat, juicy arse. Continue reading this story »

How Dare You Forget

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Money changes everything. Money is power. Power is a sensual thing. Sex is based on the exchange of energy and power. Men go crazy for a powerful woman.  Some men like to be guided a bit. They desire to give a woman pleasure.

They realise how insignificant their lives are without being under the care of a dominant woman, with more than a little experience.

I’ve used my sexuality to get ahead, sure. I’m a newscaster on BBC and my ratings are higher than ever. I’m not the 20-something I once was. I’m twice that. I’m also twice as sensual, powerful and in control. Mostly in control of him. Continue reading this story »

Hey Nineteen

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Being nineteen is a bit difficult because all you want to do is fuck. You can’t have a decent conversation without thinking about fucking. You think about it 10 times an hour. You’d get it on with teachers, nuns whomever. Being nineteen, your dick is never gratified.

All you want is pussy. I mess up on dates because I’m with horrible with conversations. I say a few words and nod my head whilst the bird talks about handbags and friends. That’s what men do. Just nod and say a few words and think about getting it on.

I’m not a virgin because Kathy and I screwed last summer. My parents probably don’t know I was fucking Kathy upstairs in the house when they were away. I lasted two sections flat, they were the best two seconds of my life! Continue reading this story »

For Her Use

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Time is good to some people. Charlotte was one of them. At 47, she had the high rounded ass of a twenty year old, nicely propped up tits playing peek-a-boo on a sunny day and gorgeous thin legs which looked long on her petite frame. She was so unassuming and great fun to have drinks after work with when the design team went out. Everyone in the office thought she was a fine piece.

The weird thing about it though, Charlotte was single. I’d often see the discreet Instant Messages pop up on her screen and hear her whisper on the phone to someone but she always showed up at functions alone. I fancied Charlotte sure, but she was well out my league so I just saw her as a friend. Continue reading this story »